When can you set up?

Whenever you want. We can be set up easily within 1 hour, so this is best done just before the evening celebrations. However, if you need an early set up this can be done for a small extra fee, just let us know the plan and we’ll advise when to fit us in.

What time will you play?

We can perform whenever you want. It’s generally advised to leave it as late as possible, but if you want things starting early, let us know. We’re also happy to stay later, just tell us when the party will go until.

Can you learn a first dance or special request?

Of course! We love to learn new songs and will often put our own twist on it or offer a romantic solo performance.

What happens when you’re not playing? Do I need a DJ?

We’ll sort that out too, we offer a DJ service as standard. This means we’ll keep music going all night (we’ll discuss songs you want for this in advance) and play some awesome DJ mixes later on when you want to dance until the early hours.

Can you perform during the drinks reception or ceremony?

Absolutely! We can perform at any point during the day. Be that solo acoustic, solo sax, guitar and sax, full band, duo, trio or any variation for different parts. We can even provide a roaming band. Just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll be able to give you some suggestions.

Do you have insurance documents?

Indeed. We are a professional band with full PAT and PLI documents, just ask and we’ll provide them.

Can I choose the set list?

We will have a chat about likes and dislikes before the big day. We like to include a lot of surprises, medleys and interesting covers. We will of course include any requests when possible, but we know what fills a dance floor and will read the room on the evening to keep things moving.

Can you really work at any venue with a sound limiter?

Due to our set up and equipment, acoustic guitar, electric drums and in ear monitors, we are able to adapt to any situation and control the volume with one dial. Let us know if your venue has any restrictions and we’ll advise how we would tackle it.

What happens if I have to reschedule my day?

We are more than happy to change dates if you have to reschedule due to almost any reason, just let us know as soon as you do and we’ll help move the booking.  If we’re unavailable on your new date, we’ll help you find a new band.

Can my Sister/Uncle/Nephew/Best Mate get up and do a song with you?

Hell yeah! On the night, it’s all about everyone having a fun time. If you want a guest to get on stage and join us, let’s do it. Just give us a heads up in case we need to learn something special.

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