Planning a Wedding During COVID-19 | Live Wedding Music & Coronavirus Tips For Couples

Planning a Wedding During COVID-19 | Live Wedding Music & Coronavirus Tips For Couples

How to plan a wedding party in a pandemic

There’s no denying that if you’re planning a wedding right now, you’ll likely be anxious.

Will you be able to go ahead?

Will you have to cull the guest list?

Will you have to reschedule?

No one knows when things will return to normal, so it’s important to plan ahead and think about what you may have to do.

The return of weddings and live music

When will weddings be allowed to happen again?

Last year, when the COVID pandemic hit us in March, we all hoped that weddings will be ok in the summer. Then in the summer, we thought that maybe things will be cool at the end of summer… it goes on.

The latest news about weddings from the UK government explains that they hope to reintroduce live events, nightclubs, weddings and larger events with no legal limits on social contact, no earlier that 21st June.

First off, live music has been allowed at weddings.

The main restriction for weddings has been guest numbers (if they’re allowed to go ahead).

There’s a lot of uncertainty over what is, was and will be allowed, but ultimately, if you want to get married and go ahead, you can start to plan ahead accordingly.

What it's like to play a wedding during a pandemic from a band's perspective

We played a wedding in August last year, when most people assumed that they couldn’t have a wedding.

This was not true and having a live band totally worked for our clients.

Joey was booked as a solo acoustic wedding singer, but Matt and Neil would not let him go and perform on his own! So The Hustle rocked up (after checking with the couple first of course) and played an awesome acoustic performance.

Picture from the event below, courtesy of the awesome Connor Niall Photography.

crabwall manor wedding band

How we adapted for a socially distanced wedding

The performance was different to normal, but we were able to adapt, read the room and make sure that everyone had a great time.

We made them forget for an evening that the world had gone mad! People danced, sung along and had an awesome time.

Normally our sets for a large audience would be much more high tempo, high energy and of course louder! We recognised the small number of guests and were able to adapt our performance and song choices to suit the situation.

So why is this relevant? Well, if you’re planning a wedding for this year, you’ll want to know that you have all bases covered. It’s smart to choose a band that is able to adapt to any situation.

If you’re restricted to numbers, then a band that can tone their set down and not blast faces off is going to be a good choice!

Should you still have a band or just a DJ playlist?

“Lets just put on a playlist” – DON’T SAY THAT!!

Lots of couples think, well if we can’t have the party we want, we’ll just stick on a playlist and that’ll do the job. It totally wont.

We go through this in more depth in our wedding band or DJ blog, but bands are just way more exciting in our very biased opinion!

You’ll have fewer guests, but they’ll be up for a party and if its just a playlist, it simply wont be fun, lively and interactive. A live band will make the most of the situation, engage with the audience and make it a fun evening.

Whenever The Hustle play a gig, they read the room and have an idea of how the set will go.

However, due to the world being all kinds of weird weird, this may not always be the case. As a band, we’ll read whats happening, adapt the set, and work with you and your guests to make it a memorable party.

What if my wedding can't go ahead?

We also need to face up to the fact that, no matter how versatile and accommodating the band are, you may not be able to go ahead at all!

It’s not a nice thought, but its not a thought that you wont have made right? So, what does your band do to cater for this? You need to ask the question, what will happen if we can’t go ahead?

Generally, a band will be happy to reschedule the date, but make sure they’ll do that at no extra cost. Contact them as soon as you’re looking to move the date, they’ll advise you on what dates are available so you can base your new date around that.

Remain positive

Let’s be positive, the vaccination is being rolled out, hopefully (if you listen to some experts) weddings will be allowed by this year at full force.

If you’re prepared to hold out and go ahead, your wedding will be one of the first that people have been too.

Let’s face it, it will be incredible and memorable for different reasons than you originally expected.

Finally, if you have to move your wedding, whenever it may be. Be flexible.

You need to be prepared to look at off peak dates, mid week, or be prepared that some of your suppliers may not be able to do your date.

List them all, but list the order of importance. Check with those top few suppliers first, which is usually – venue, band, photographer, caterer, church/registry office. You may find that something needs to go but be realistic and compromise where you can. It’s all possible!

We're ready when you are

Whatever happens, whenever parties are happening again, we’ll be there and we will be up for it.

As soon as we’re given the word, we’ll be rocking that dance floor.

If you’re planning a wedding this year but don’t yet have a band, give us a shout and we’ll discuss what is possible!

Guide by The Hustle – Cheshire Wedding Band for Hire